Advertising on is the rail industry’s leading online platform. As well as giving businesses of all sizes an affordable platform to talk about their good news, our team is committed to ensuring our subscribers remain well-informed with a strong cross-section of news and information from across the industry too.


We’ve become renowned for providing our subscribers with news quickly and straight to their inbox. This section provides you with a daily cross section of what is happening in the industry.

Your story can appear on our newsletter the very next day if it is sent before 12noon.

We’ll also give you statistics to show you how your post has performed.

This is great for:
- Raising your business’ profile
- Getting your message out to the rail industry
- Finding out which businesses are interested in you

We have a number of packages, depending on your needs and budget.

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Our directory has been revamped for 2020. With these updates, we aim to make your listing as thorough as possible, using our strong stats to benefit your business from a visibility and SEO perspective.

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If you just want to direct people through to your website, a banner is the perfect option to visually appeal to your audience.

We’ll share the stats with you seven days afterways to show you how it has performed.

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Our promotional emails, or e-shots as they are known by some of the businesses that use us, essentially gives you access to send your email out using our database.

The process is simple, you send us your email template (or we can build one for you) with images and we’ll put it onto our system. Then tell us the date and time you want it sending and it’ll reach 35,000+ subscribers. We’ll give you stats on how it’s performed.

This is ideal for businesses because:
- You can send our your key messages and drive people directly to your website - great for improving traffic
- You can get your messages across in a more visual way
- We’ll tell you how the email has performed

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Got an opinion about the industry? Us, and our subscribers, want to know about it.

Your guest writer piece will link through from a banner at the top of our email (above the date) and will remain our site.

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Brand our newsletter in your colours for one whole week.

As well as this, you’ll also feature with five guest writer spots for the week and a banner to link through to your website.

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ULTIMATE RAIL CALENDAR has compiled the only events calendar which is inclusive of every single event in the UK rail industry.

Find out how you can increase exposure to your event.

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