Adrian Shooter, Chief Executive of Vivarail – highlights from the conference at RSN 2019

Adrian Shooter, Chief Executive at Vivarail kicked off the presentations at the conference at RSN 2019.

During his speech Adrian discussed Vivarail’s Class 230 suite of emission-free trains and fast charging for the UK market.

He revealed information about the battery train Vivarail has built – the UK’s first modern battery train – combined with a fast charge system and power storage bank.

He outlined the Class 230 battery train’s key features, such as its travel range of 60 miles between charges and a fast charge system that repowers the batteries in just 10 minutes.

He also explained the fleet’s suitability for non-electrified lines currently operated by DMUs.

Another version, Vivarail’s Class 230 25kV battery train with two battery driving motor cars and a middle car with pantograph and transformer can operate part-electrified routes and replace old DEMUs for a fully emission-free service.

The final model presented was the Class 230 Hydrogen train with two battery driving motor cars and intermediate cars housing fuel cells and tanks, all housed beneath the floor to ensure maximum passenger space.